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Located above and overlooking the harbour of San Pietro, the first thing that you will enjoy is the breathtaking view of the small port and the deep blue sea beyond stretching out to the horizon and punctuated by the small islands of Basiluzzo, Spinazzola, Lisca Bianca, Dattilo, Bottaro, Lisca Nera, and, in the distance, the majestic volcano of Stromboli.

You can enjoy this magnificent view from either inside the restaurant, through the large windows of the welcoming and typical Aeolian interior with comfortable seating, or outside on the large terrace surrounded by greenery, which directly overlooks the delightful little port.

You will always relish in the three fundamental features of this restaurant, a family atmosphere, an extensive menu and very fair prices.

You can personally choose your piece of meat amidst the various cuts, each of them of the finest quality, on display on the counter – just as being at the butcher’s – which will then be prepared for you on the grill, the great feature of this truly unique and distinctive place.

Florentine steak, tenderloin, T-bone steak, grilled fillet / chicken / lamb skewers, or any meat you might choose will be cooked for you on the spot on a charcoal grill, and served carefully seasoned.


At Antonio’s restaurant you will also find the tradition and the aromas of traditional Sicilian cuisine, with a wide selection of hors d’aoeuvres consisting mainly of expertly grilled mixed seasonal vegetables. Amongst the entrées, prepared with fresh ingredients in season, you can enjoy Maccheroni alla Norma, the Penne all’Eoliana, pasta with fennel, anchovies, raisins, pine nuts and salted ricotta or the delicious skewers of buffalo mozzarella and cherry grilled tomatoes, meatballs, involtini rolls , etc.


Among the features of the “Macellaio” restaurant are also the pizzas, baked in the traditional manner with the dough resting a full 24 hours. These are prepared in more than twenty different varieties, with the freshest ingredients and enriched with all the aromas of the Aeolian archipelago, which make them truly special: rosemary, basil, garlic, mint, or calamint.



It is heartily recommended to retain some appetite in order to sample the desserts that vary depending on the fresh ingredients available daily, based on the inspiration of Antonio’s wife, Maria. However, the legendary Sicilian cassata, semifreddo with almonds, and a large selection of homemade pastries will always be available.


The wine cellar of “Il Macellaio” boasts a wide and international choice; you will surely find the right wine to accompany any meal of meat, or that blends harmoniously with a Sicilian caponata, or, if you prefer, a nice selection of beers to accompany a pizza.

Here our choice:

And finally, the “Malvasia delle Lipari”, a dessert wine typical of the Aeolian islands, full of the intense scents of dried figs, dates, ripe apricot, honey and sweet spices, a real treat for the palate, ideal to accompany the dessert or even cheeses.