The history of “Antonio il Macellaio”

After living for 25 years in Argentina, Antonio eventually returned to his native island, Panarea.

In South America he acquired a deep culture and gained great experience in the preparation of meat. For this reason, after arriving in Panarea he decided to stay and open a restaurant specializing in meat, “Il Macellaio” (The Butcher).

It was certainly a risk to open a meat restaurant on an island where everybody only ate fish, but Antonio is a very self-assured and determined man. Inevitably, within a short time, his skill and his talents began to win over even the most refined and difficult palates, and over the years his fame grew in line with his customers.

I tagli della carne

Tutta l’esperienza e la passione di Antonio in ogni taglio della carne…

Still today Antonio personally selects the meat from suppliers, throughout the year, and monitors the quality of the products which he then then will cook. He can therefore offer to the most demanding customers all the experience, skill and taste of his South American past together with the ancient tradition of Sicilian cuisine, and to deliver a veritable feast of the best quality meat.


Antonio today

Since 1970, his debut year, the “Macellaio” has become an institution in Panarea, a true paradise for carnivores, a haven for those for whom meat is a passion, who delight in being offered only the very best, finest and noblest parts of the animal and to taste the most tender cuts.